The international short film festival 20min|max literally stands by its name: films of multiple genres – only limited by a running time of maximum 20 minutes – will be presented in Ingolstadt from May 12th – 17th 2013.

Various forms and contents

About hundred international short films constitute the competition program of 20min|max festival week in May and, for the 7th time, represent a holistic overview of the current short film scene. The films tell stories in different languages, with strange suspense and odd humour, they show unfamiliar perspectives, peculiar aesthetics and new rhythms. 20min|max film competition is open to all genres of short film: animations, fictional films, documentaries, experimental films and video art, music clips etc. Only restriction is a maximum film duration of 20 minutes. The diversity of the short film form shall be underlined by showing the films in six blocks of maximal variety; this allows the spectator to both compare and understand the ways in which short films can be designed, which topics they can address, and the composition in which these affairs can be approached. Presenting the shorts in evening screenings make aware that short films are not only a prelude or support for full-length movies. In the children’s screening each short is moderated, if necessary translated by actors on stage. At times of unlimited access to infinite available videos the selection process itself as well as the dramaturgic progression of festival screenings carry weight. By focusing on the essential, short film deals with its cinematic themes and topics in a particular, concise, effective and striking fashion. It is the short film that allows us to capture central aspects of a plot it in a direct, nebulous, amusing, exciting and artistic way. 20min|max International Short Film Festival is considered as venue for filmmakers and those interested in short film and visual art. The festival provides time and place to engage in short films, meet other film producers and discuss their ideas. Organizer of 20min|max is the public charity Von der Rolle e.V. – Film Culture Association and Theater Ingolstadt in cooperation with Audi Repertory Cinema and the design collective xhoch4.

The competition makes plural

For the 7th time 20min|max announces an international competition for cinematic expressivity, autonomous formal style, impressive stories – ergo: artistic synthesis of direction, montage and rhythm, sound and light will be presented and awarded. All genres are admitted, from experiments to fiction, from animations to documentaries, music clips and video art – do as you like – only don’t exceed 20 minutes! In February it‘s time for musicians to prick up their ears and open their eyes: It is imperative to set a film in music, sound and/or voices. Part of the competition is a silent movie, provided by 20min|max, as base for sound of all styles and genres. Composers, instrumentalist, bands, DJs, producers etc. get the opportunity to accompany the moving images live on stage at a special 20min|max film music night during the festival week, and besides win a money prize and the film rights. Thirdly 20min|max looks for a photographer, who attend the preparatory work as well as the six festival days, its guests and audience. Not only in a documentary way but also from an artist’s point of view she / he will shine a light on inner and outer sights of 20min|max and will get her / his own photography exhibition.

A independent jury of directors, producers, actors, musicians, scientists and artists award that outstanding films and scores with money prizes.

The origins: festival history

In October 2005, Peter Rein, artistic director of Theater Ingolstadt, and Michael Klarner, former management director of Ingolstadt’s television station INTV, came up with the idea of establishing a film festival in Ingolstadt. This idea laid the foundation for Ingolstadt’s own film festival, 20min|max. For one ‘Long Night of Short Films” local filmmakers had platform for their short films at Theater Ingolstadt in 2006. Since then, the name says it all: films may derive from any genre as long as they do not exceed the maximum length of 20 minutes. The following year the festival was extended to a second day and expanded to a further venue – Audi Repertory Cinema. The success was remarkable: 20min|max sparked interest not only in Germany, but throughout Europe as well. After a gap in 2008, when Ingolstadt hosted the 26th Bavarian Theater Days, one dared to extend the festival to four days in 2009: three days at the Audi Repertory Cinema and the final day, including the award ceremony, at Theater Ingolstadt. This third issue event enjoyed great popularity and was sold out each day. For that reason, in 2010, the festival took place over a five day period, as it did in 2011. At its fifth festival issue 20min|max expanded in terms of content. Fronte Cinema, part of the youth center of Ingolstadt, showed children’s and youth’s films at one afternoon of the festival week. In 2012 this screening for people from 6 years up moved to the Stadttheater resp. its youth’s stage called Werkstatt. In the 6th year of 20min|max, film music composed to a provided silent short, was playing a growing role and got a own competition.

The Ingolstadt impulse

As soon as 2006, it became evident that the festival would have an impact far beyond regional scope, as films were handed in not only from Ingolstadt and the surrounding area, but also from other parts of Germany, Austria or Switzerland. With each passing year, filmmakers from Europe and around the world would become increasingly aware of 20min|max. Short films of different cultures, guests from overseas and multilingual Q&As form the international character of 20min|max and pose as window to the world. However, the regional aspect is still of considerable importance: just as in former years, we will be proud to feature short films from the „Region 10“. We intend to bring forward an exchange between local as well as international creative professionals and like-minded people, linking and broadening the opportunities for all.

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