52 times


52 times


Esther is a young active woman. Exhausted by her work, she prefers going home a Friday night to drinking glasses with friends. She watches her favorite movie that she has already seen fifty times.

Tuesday, April 2, 20:00, Audi Programmkino

Director: Lemant Hugo
Producer: Lemant Hugo
Fiction, France, 2017
4:38 min


Thanks to his formation of Editor, Hugo built himself a unique style, powerful and rhythmic. First thanks the editing of various successful music video (Kanye West, Christine and the Queen, Justice, Diplo…). Then, he put his experience at the service of advertising for prestigious brands like L’Oréal, Mitsubishi, Louis Vuitton, Nissan, Chanel… The movie industry also call on his skills for the editing of feature-length films: «Links of Life» (by Marie-Hélène Roux) and «Thirst Street» (by Nathan Silver). Now focused on his work as a director, his editor background gave Hugo a sharp eye in the framing as well as a rare vision of the script breakdown and rhythm.