Short Film Competition 2019 | #1

1. April 2019 um 20:00
Audi Programmkino
Ettinger Straße
5 €, Schüler/Studierende 4 €

Animation, France, 2018
Director: Burgoni Pierre
1:27 min

When a child finds himself home also, death lurks. Fortunately, he has an unexpected protector...

Fiction, France, 2018
Director: Rouge Zulma
12:00 min

Eugène is dependent on software capable of generating a continuous flow of dreams. With the assistance of a machine to which he connects himself and which draws inspiration from the consumer’s environment, our protagonist progressively becomes submerged by a routine brightened only by the composition of his increasingly crazy and limitless dreams.


Fiction, Spain, 2018
Directors: Huertas Marco

9:21 min

Anna lives in a dystopia where there is no intellectual property: there are no brands, R & D, or creativity in art and culture. Tired of the reality that surrounds her, Anna begins the search for the only original song she remembers.

Fiction, France, 2018
Director: O'Driscoll Bridget

4:58 min

Pavel learns English on audio cassettes every day when he gets up. Today it is his 78th session. But has he really made progress?

Fiction, Netherlands, 2018
Director: van Eeden Gideon

15:44 min

An isolated and bigoted widower fails at maintaining an apricot tree in memory of his late wife, but when his attempts are interrupted by a refugee found sleeping in his garden shed, he is forced to face his own prejudice and confront his grief.

Fiction, Italy, 2018
Director: Pellegrini Matteo

7:00 min

A man is listlessly walking along a country road when he notices that in the middle of a field, somebody is behaving in an odd and bizarre way: he’s jumping and running in a circle, holding an open umbrella, even though it’s not raining. The man stops by the side of the road and watches him, curious, until Matilde will make an appearance, changing their destinies forever.

Fiction, France, 2018
Directors: Levil Guillaume

18:30 min

Alain is a little boy from the Reunion Island born on the wrong side of the tracks. To earn a few pennies, he recites Arthur Rimbaud’s poems to drivers stuck at the red light. One day, Alain is invited to Guillaume’s birthday who lives uptown.


Fiction, France, 2017
Directors: Le Mée Maël

17:14 min

Aurore, a sixteen-year teenage girl, discovers her body with her friends… With a supernatural finger.

Fiction, France, 2018
Director: Prevost Cédric

19:00 min

Guillaume is thirty years old and a bit of a loner. Via his computer, he has been enjoying a fantasy relationship with a famous actress. But having now learned that in real life she has a new partner, he takes comfort in suddenly discovering that he is able to go on living in his own version of reality by continuing to conjure up his ideal woman through the power of software and his computer.