Short Film Competition 2019 | #3

3. April 2019 um 20:00
Audi Programmkino
Ettinger Straße
5 €, Schüler/Studierende 4 €

Animation, Netherlands, 2017
Director: van Wijngaarden Jamille
2:15 min

In a small and dusty little house right on the Amsterdam canals, a cat named Rodney sneaks up on a little bird. But before the cat can do anything Nel - the lady of the house - yanks him by the tail and gives him a final warning: ‘If he ever as much as looks at her precious little bird he’ll find the same fate a  ‘the cat on the floor’, pointing at a dirty old tiger rug. When Nel leaves the house the short lived relieve turns into panic when little birdie suddenly drops dead in it’s cage. Rodney, fully aware of what will happen to him if Nel encounters this suspicious situation, starts to do everything he can to get birdie back to life again. From here on everything escalates more and more with catastrophic consequences. One thing is for sure; love conquers all.

Fiction, France, 2018
Director: Bourrec Carter Nelson
13:11 min

A young man walks through the residential neighborhood of Levittown, the first american suburbia, while enacting a monologue made out of oddly familiar lines. As the sun sets, a young woman in a nearby house is confronted with an invisible menace.


Fiction, Netherlands, 2018
Director: Joren Molter

9:00 min

In a modern museum ELLA (35) and her daughter SAM (6) are waiting for her colleague and his daughter DORA (6). Ella's colleague asked her if she could look after the girl for an afternoon.
When Dora introduces herself to Ella, Ella is overcome by the stubborn and sincere redhaired child. In the colorful museum Ella struggles with the urge to seek attention from Dora. She gets overwhelmed by all kinds of confusing emotions and she doesn’t know what to do with it. While playing, Dora falls on the floor and her knee gets cut open. In the deserted ladies’ room, Ella takes care of Dora wound with devotion. In this intimate bubble Ella gets carried away in the moment. In love, she kisses Dora on her lips.
"Mommy, what are you doing?" Sam asks her daughter in amazement. Ella returns with a jerk to reality. Panicky and emotionally she retreats to the toilet. She has gone too far. What does she have to do with herself from now on?

Fiction, Australia, 2018
Director: Charles Williams

15:00 min

An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.

Fiction, France, 2018
Director: Ychou Frank

7:25 min

Sisters are sinners like others.

In a convent, nuns are reunited. But it turns out that nuns are above all human beings and they too commit sins.


Fiction, United States of America, 2018
Director: Fowler Claire

13:35 min

A female Lyft driver navigates the night shift in New York City while waiting to hear life-or death news from her family in Syria.

Fiction, Spain, 2018
Director: Marco Rico Javier

10:00 min

Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag starts to ring.


Fiction, Jordan, 2017
Director: Elyan Hanadi

18:00 min

Desperate to see her family, Nadia navigates complex moral dilemmas as she fights to obtain a tourist visa.


Fiction, Canada, 2018
Director: Charbonneau Mélanie

14:45 min

A woman-tampon joins a man-astronaut on a road trip to the moon. Daniel is on a mission to scatter his mother’s ashes and Claude is hoping for her period to make a miraculous return. A modern tale that captures the fever dream of a first voyage to the moon.