1960s. Arden is an introvert kid who was brought up in a strict Catholic orphanage. Insecure about his voice, he pretends to sing during choir practice. With the arrival of Mr. Stevens, the new music teacher, his farce is discovered and the duo starts to work together. As the boy becomes more confident with his singing, a friendship is formed. But a stern Mother Superior notices changes in Arden´s behavior and, concerned with his attachment to the teacher, breaks them apart. Abandoned once more in his life, Arden will struggle to find his own voice.

Mittwoch, 25. April, 20:00 Uhr | Audi Programmkino

Director: Huang Song
Producer: Kim Koodae
Fiction, United States, 2017
19:58 min | trailer


Born in China, Song develops his lifelong passion for visual arts from painting into an academic pursuit at college, where he received a BA in Creative Media with a concentration in Cinematic Art. This comprehensive approach to arts allowed him to incorporate the multifaceted and interconnected disciplines into his filmmaking. During college, Song wrote and directed LOOKING, a contemporary love story told in first person POV, which was showcased at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. As a young filmmaker who has worked in both Asia and the United States, Song developed his unique cross-culture perspective and a particular interest in character driven dramas that reveal everyday sadness.