Two athletic spider women quarrel over one helpful tasty man. Can he escape?

Samstag, 21. April, 20:00 Uhr | KAP 94

Director: Leitner Dieter, Lojek Dave
Producer: Lojek Dave, Leitner Dieter
Fiction, Austria, Germany, 2017
4:52 min

Dieter Leitner is an Austrian filmmaker and photographer from Graz in Styria. He works in one of the media-departments of the Austrian army. Dieter is a member of the Austrian association of noncommercial film-authors and produces shorts for fun. His award-winning works have been screened at numerous regional, national and international film festivals.

Dave Lojek loves filmmaking and belongs to the most prolific and most often selected directors with over 1137 screenings at international film festivals worldwide. His favorite genres are comedy, parody, fantasy, romance, poetry and experiment. Dave also directs documentaries, dramas, portraits, commercials, and music videos. His works won 137 film awards. Dave Lojek graduated with an MA in English / American and Cultural Studies from Humboldt-University in his hometown Berlin.