Artem Silendi


Artem Silendi


Sisters are sinners like others.

In a convent, nuns are reunited. But it turns out that nuns are above all human beings and they too commit sins.

Wednesday, April 3, 20:00, Audi Programmkino

Director: Ychou Frank
Producers: Berléand Martin
Fiction, France, 2018
7:25 min | trailer



"Artem Silendi" is Frank Ychou's first short film. He previously worked as an assistant director with Laurent Tuel, Alexandra Leclerc, Jérôme Commandeur, Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann. 

Our desire with "Artem Silendi" was to bring together actresses and technicians whose work we appreciate. When we asked Catherine Hosmalin, Barbara Bolotner and Emmanuelle Bougerol to act in a nun's story without dialogues, they took up the challenge without hesitation!