Best Shortfilm Art & Experimental


Best Short Film Art & Experimental  |  1.000 €  |  with support from the City of Ingolstadt

Director: Henne William, Bonnin Yann
Producer: Henne William
Animation, Belgium, 2017
3:30 min | trailer


Tracks, gravel, barbed wire, windows, walls, chimneys.

William Henne and Yann Bonnin take us with them on a journey to one of the worst places in the history of humankind, which for many was the end of a one-way journey. “KL” is the dissection of one of the great undead of Europe, namely of the centre of the Nazi death industry, the concentration and extermination camp, Aufschwitz. Out of over 2000 photographs, of what initially seems to be the almost everyday minutiae of a seemingly arbitrary derelict place, a stream of pictures emerges, which hurtles the viewer along, all the way from the ‘ramp’ to the crematorium.

Through their attentive, calm deconstruction, Henne and Bonnin achieve an almost microscopic perspective, which reveals the camp in its harrowing entirety. The jury unanimously awards this strong, clever and artistic piece of work the prize for the best short film in the category ‚Art and Experimental’.