Brutes are afraid of silence


Brutes are afraid of silence


On a strip of land between two waters, a drummer spreads his rhythm in front of the immense landscape. The popping beats resound through the fjord. The echo resonates between heaven and earth and reaches a group of rowers energetically training on their rowing. Deploying a sublime collective effort larger than life, they try to get the maximum power from their hi-tech craft.

Sonntag, 22. April, 11:00 Uhr | Museum für konkrete Kunst

Original Title: Le silence fait peur aux brutes
Director: Boulanger Étienne
Producer: Boulanger Étienne
Experimental, Canada, 2016
4:55 min | trailer

Étienne Boulanger had presented artistic performances on the national and international scene in Canada, Europe and Asia. He has participated in several solo and collective exhibitions in Québec. His art videos have been the subject of scholarships, awards and broadcasts here and abroad. He lives and works in Alma, Quebec, Canada.