Eat and Drink


Eat and Drink


Once up on a time there were two clowns in a small spanish circus: Ramón and Perico. Ramón dreams about being a well known artist in France while Perico only dreams about food. He is, certainly, the only fat clown in the post civil war Spain. The Coronel Muñoz´s spoiled child, Marina, wants to have the clowns for her First Communion party. Ramón has an idea: they will rob the Coronel´s house and escape to France…


Samstag, 21. April, 20:00 Uhr | KAP 94

Original Title: Coma y Beba
Director: Figueroa Jaime

Producer: Figueroa Jaime
Fiction, Spain, 2017
14:44 min


Jaime Figueroa (Madrid, SPAIN, 1986) studied Fine Arts and Media. Since he was a kid he has been doing audiovisual work as well as studying magic tricks and sleigth of hand. Animation, live action and puppets merge into a magical and grotesque enviroment. In 2012 he directs and animates the web series “Pig Life: Tales for a world in crisis”. In 2015 he directs the short film “Too much to heart” starring María Barranco, Cristina Almeida and Félix Granado, and “Eat and Drink” starring Pepe Viyuela and Kayto in 2017. He is directing and starring a web series in his Youtube Channel “Figueroa & Company” and travells around Europe with his comedy and magic shows.