Actually, Clara only wants to spend an evening babysitting at a wealthy family's house, when her cellphone notifies her about a new Instagram-Follower - and this follower is not easy to get rid of.

Samstag, 21. April, 22:00 Uhr | KAP94

Director: Behr Jonathan
Producer: Sticherling Jonas
Fiction, Horror, Germany, 2018
9:55 min


When he was still in school, Jonathan worked as a projectionist to spend as much time as possible in the cinema. While studying audio-visual media studies in Stuttgart, he ran the university’s student-TV station and shot several short films a director or production designer, followed by his internship semester at Jim Jarmusch’s production “Only Lovers left Alive”. With his thesis about primal fears in horror movies he finished his master degree. In 2015 he had his debut as a theatre director at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart with the play “Feuersee Zero Hour” and since 2016 he is studying film directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.