When a bomb strikes the house, a Syrian family and their six children decide to flee from Homs. Together they make it to the longed-for escape boat, but the boat cannot accomodate everyone. The parents stay behind, three of the brothers and sisters flee via Turkey and Bulgaria, the others hope to reach the Italien coast by boat. It is an escape under the most difficult conditions until all six of them meet again in a Berlin primary school in spring.

Mittwoch, 25. April, 9:00 Uhr | Werkstattbühne
Mittwoch, 25. April, 11:00 Uhr | Werkstattbühne

Director: Altan Zara Demet
Producer: Altan Zara Demet
Fiction, Germany, 2017
16:00 min

Zara Demet Altan was born as the first child of a Kurdish-Alevite family in Eastern Turkey, Malatya. Grewing up in Berlin she engaged very early in Turkish and German literature. In 2003 she worked as an intern at Shakespeare's Globe in London and played theatre regularly. Already during her studies in English and History she wrote scripts and received a script grant for the screenplay "Beautiful". While studying at University of the Arts for Performing Arts Berlin she worked in various film projects as production assistant e.g. for the movie "Evet, Ich will". Since 2016, Zara has been teacher at the Kurt-Schumacher primary school. Together with her fourth grade students, she devepoled the script for "Frühlingskinder", directed and produced the film in 2017.