Hex is an augmented structure which bounds different mediums such as, projection mapping and 3D printing together. It takes inspiration from a visual style which also showed itself in architecture, visual arts and design, Art Deco. Art Deco, has appeared in the early 1920’s. It includes radial patterns with sunlight as a symbol of the light of the drowning era, and geometry as a symbol of the machinery and technology. Hex embraces Art Deco’s relative simplicity, planarity, symmetry and unvaried repetition elements and combines them on a machine made object with projection mapping technology.
By combining these elements Hex aims to give audience an audiovisual experiment in the atmosphere of Art Deco.

Sunday, March 31, 17:00, Museum for Concrete Art
Tuesday, April 2, to Sunday, April 7, 10:00 to 17:00, Museum for Concrete Art

Visual Designer: Ethem Cem
Audio Designer: Mert Gençer
Experimental, Turkey, 2018
2:55 min



Ethem Cem is a visual artist and designer based in Istanbul. He works in motion graphics, title sequences and commercials as a
designer. His personal projects mainly focused on experimenting with new media and audio-visual installations intersection between science, art and technology.

Mert Gençer is an Amsterdam based artist and producer working in the field of electronic/electro-acoustic music and audiovisual
experiences. In his musical output, he aims to create a fusion between electronic music and electro-acoustic music by using sound design elements and a narrative texture. He also attempts to bring some novelty to music by breaking the recurrent composition methods ruled by grids and metric measurements.