A businesswoman tries to find a parking place to park her car, to be on time for an important work appointment. Men are molesting her in the stresst of Tehran but she finds a solution and concludes the business too...

Thursday, April 4, 20:00, Audi Programmkino

Director: GOLMAKANI Ghasideh
Producers: GOLMAKANI Ghasideh
Fiction, Iran, 2018
8:00 min



Ghasideh Golmakani was born in Tehran, into a family of journalists and artists. At age 18, she moved to Paris to follow her studies in "Art history" and "Cultural studies". Her PHD studies subject at the Sorbonne University is focused on "The Influence of Masters on the New Generation of Iranian Filmmakers".

Back in Iran, she started t make movies. Self-taught, Ghasideh has made documentaries and making-of for several Iranian great filmmakers such as Reza Mirkarimi. Besides her movie making, she is also the writer of the biographical book about Ali abbasi (the most influental producer of the New Wave before the Iranian Revolution).

In her fictional films Ghasideh is mainly treating taboos in the deeply traditional Iranian society. Themes such as "fetichism", "child abuse", "street harassment" and "daily violence against women". "Even if you try to forget your gender and do your job, the society reminds you of your gender violently in everyday life. I try to show the destructive effects of this violence on women in the society". She says.