A succession of photos quickly pass. The place is revealed only by details, framed in close-up. This site is an immense cemetery of 42 km², located in Upper Silesia, whose motifs are known: railway crossings and rivets, windows, red bricks, mud and puddles, details of wagons, knots of barbed wire, Birches, numbers, details of fence pillars, electric fence bells, clusters of spoons, switches, shoe boxes, suitcases, pegs, stripes, panels, rubble, ...

Sonntag, 22. April, 11:00 Uhr | Museum für konkrete Kunst

Director: Henne William, Bonnin Yann
Producer: Henne William
Animation, Belgium, 2017
3:30 min | trailer


William Henne, born in Brussels in 1969, is a comic book artist and filmmaker. He is also publisher and producer. He founded, with director Delphine Renard, the animation film studio Zorobabel and he is the coordinator of the Atelier Collectif. Before joining the group La 5e Couche in 1998, William Henne published in 1994 his first collection of comics at the author's expenses. As a comic book artist, he made about twelve books and published a hundred within his publishing house.

Yann Bonnin is a French author, director and animator (2D & Stop motion), born on April 10th, 1966 in Tours.
He has worked for 30 years in the audiovisual and the animated film industry. He started in 1998, then collaborated for many years intermittently with the INA, animation studios and production companies. In 1994, he met Jacques Rouxel, the author and inventor of the Shadoks, with whom he worked closely between 1998 and 2003. He has been working in Belgium since 2004, mainly collaborating with the animation film studio Zorobabel and others production companies like Dreamwall (Dupuis), Arizona films, etc. For 20 years, in parallel of his activity, he teaches in France (École des Gobelins, Paris-Ateliers), and in Belgium (Workshops mainly).