Le premier pas


Le premier pas


Bambi is a shy young boy. While waiting in the car for his mother to come back from the grocery store, he meets someone from the window. It's a story of a relationship which started off with gestures and a little imagination.

Wednesday, April 3, 9:00, Werkstattbühne
Wednesday, April 3, 11:00, Werkstattbühne

Director: Noblet David
Producers: Noblet David
Fiction, Belgium, 2017
2:56 min



Coming from the mountains of Grenoble, David integrates a higher literary class
(Hypokhâgne) after the baccalaureat. He then went to Nantes to study two years in Ciné- Sup (cinema preparatory class). The year after, he joins the National Institute of Performing Arts (INSAS) in the directing department. He is now graduated.
David makes multiple short films, but also tries other functions: assistant director,
cameraman, sometimes even actor ... Meanwhile, he also practices music and composes from time to time soundtracks for movies or advertisements.