Les Miserables


Les Miserables


In the modern-day Parisian neighborhood of Victor Hugo’s novel, a new transfer cop learns abusive policing practices of two veterans. When a young boy records them going too far, the community threatens to explode.


Sonntag, 22. April, 20:00 Uhr | Audi Programmkino

Directors: Ly Ladj
Producer: Barral Christophe
Fiction, France, 2017
15:00 min | trailer


Ladj Ly, a resident of the Cité des Bosquets in Clichy Montfermeil, actor and director of the collective Kourtrajmé.
For several years, Ladj Ly filmed and organized cultural events in her neighborhood. October 2005, police blunder, riots and media coverage around the world. After several projects, in 2016 he make a short film about the police violence entitled "Les misérables"