Little Grey Wolfy


Little Grey Wolfy


A new pure spring comes again to the wood.
The trees and the beasts wake up feeling good... Spring is the time of an ice drift on the river. Wolfy and the Hare, carried away by their running, suddenly find themselves on the floe in the middle of an icy stream. The cold stream hides many dangers, but their imagination comes to help. And their friends of course!
Across the seas, nothing can frighten them, Set sail captain Wolf and Hare at the helm.

Wednesday, April 3, 9:00, Werkstattbühne
Wednesday, April 3, 11:00, Werkstattbühne

Director: Malykhina Natalia
Producers: Malykhina Natalia
Animation, Norway, 2017
6:30 min | trailer



25 years of animation experience - feature cartoon films and animation series,
commercials, TV programs.
Specialization: Traditional hand animation, 2D computer animation, storyboarding, lay-out artist, scriptwriter.
Working experience: Animator, storyboard and lay-out artist at more than 20 animated film projects at international film production studios of Moscow and Budapest.
The most well-known are Mr.Bean, Angelina Ballerina, Kipper, Baby Blues -
animated series, Princess Lillifee and the Unicorn, Captain Sabertooth - feature.
Now living in Norway, Lillehammer and building my own little animation studio
ULVENFILM AS in the middle of the woods. Currently is working on
the project «Little Grey Wolfy» - a cycle of four short films on four seasons of
the year. «The Winter Story» is completed in 2016, «Spring and Icy Drift» in
2017 and two more are in production.