The president of Mexico spends his final days in office making plans for his future. Everything looks in order until an international conflict interrupts his pleasant rest.

Tuesday, April 2, 20:00, Audi Programmkino

Director: Saevich Alejandro
Producer: Nuncio Gabriel
Fiction, Mexico, 2017
11:40 min | trailer



Alejandro Saevich, producer and director. He studied cinematography at E.N.E.R.C in Argentina. After being executive producer of the argentinean part of Adán y Eva Todavía, he moved to Mexico City, where he founded, alongside Moisés Cosío, a production company named Detalle Films. He developed different projects there, among them it could be highlighted Rezeta, a feature film directed by Fernando Frías, and a documentary series about the nationalization of the bank, directed by Luciana Kaplan and Diego Delgado.

In 2012 he founded, alongside Jorge Aguilera and Vanessa Hernández, Madrefoca, a production company that was awarded by Círculo de Oro in 2016 with the Producer of the year prize. With Madrefoca, he has produced commercials for different companies and La madre buena, a muti-prized shortfilm directed by Sarah Clift.