No Trespassing


No Trespassing


A man takes his child for the first time to the beach, despite his phobia of umbrellas. A gust of wind forces him to face his deepest fears.

Donnerstag, 26. April, 20:00 Uhr | Audi Programmkino

Original Title: Plage Interdite
Director: Sousa Rodrigo

Producer: Ruescas Annie-Claude
Animation, France, 2017
3:33 min


Rodrigo studied at the Fine Arts of Lisbon before joining the Estienne school in animation. Passionate about drawing and putting images into motion, he made short films, including Tidili! (Prix du Public des Espoirs de l'animation) and Plage Interdite, his final year short film. He is currently studying animation and directing at Gobelins school of images.