Not my type


Not my type


An experimental animation about the history of typography, print media and a mosquito experiencing Shakespeares most famous quote.

Sunday, March 31, 17:00, Museum for Concrete Art
Tuesday, April 2, to Sunday, April 7, 10:00 to 17:00, Museum for Concrete Art

Director: Gockell Gerd
Producers: Gockell Gerd, Ehmann Jochen
Experimental, Germany, 2017
3:00 min | trailer



Gerd Gockell born 1960 in Darmstadt; from 1980-87 studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brunswick; freelance animator for the „HR-Hessische Rundfunk“ Frankfurt; 1988 he moved to London and worked on several film projects; 1990 founding ANIGRAF film production with Kirsten Winter in Hanover; various teaching appointments since 1992, including e.g. Brunswick, Singapore, Kassel and Potsdam; 2002-2011 Head of the Animation Dept. at the University of
applied Science and Arts Lucerne, Switzerland; lives and works in Lucerne and Hanover.