Mike, 18, is preparing his final wine waiter exam. After graduation, Mike is hoping to leave and work away from home. At the same time his father, an unscrupulous farmer, implicates him in an old turf war.


Dienstag, 24. April, 20:00 Uhr | Audi Programmkino

Original Title: Rodéo
Director: Pioutaz Sylvain 

Producer: TAKAMI Productions
Fiction, France, 2017
18:56 min


Sylvain Pioutaz was born in haute-savoie and lives in Paris. He has directed some short films (from Waiting for yesterday in 2005 to Rodeo in 2016), some documentaries, and some web-documentaries. He always says that he'll gonna quit film industry for a real job, but writes discreetly a screenplay for a feature film in the meantime.