The Apricot Tree


The Apricot Tree


An isolated and bigoted widower fails at maintaining an apricot tree in memory of his late wife, but when his attempts are interrupted by a refugee found sleeping in his garden shed, he is forced to face his own prejudice and confront his grief.


Monday, April 1, 20:00, Audi Programmkino

Director: van Eeden Gideon
Producer: van Eeden Gideon
Fiction, Netherlands, 2018
15:44 min 


Gideon van Eeden is a South African former television actor and theatre creator who attained success in South Africa and performed in various
European countries. After emigrating to the Netherlands he has worked as a filmmaker for corporate clients, NGO's and wildlife documentary. His short film Bijltjesdag (Day of Reckoning) is currently screening at festivals world wide and marks his debut as a director of narrative fiction. The production and several crew members, including Gideon himself, have been nominated and awarded in various categories at numerous festivals. His second short film, The Apricot Tree, premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in 2018. Both productions were made as part of his studies in screenwriting and directing with the Raindance MA programme and the University of Staffordshire, which he completed with distinction.