The Chapter of Ionela


The Chapter of Ionela


Iana is waiting in her red, old Audi in front of the agreed post office. Hours passed by. She seems nervous. She is watching the cars driving by and the faceless people rushing into the office. The weather is misty, the buildings grey and bleak. Suddenly a big black car parks in front of hers. The door on the passenger‘s side opens, a young thiny girl with tousled hair slides out. That has to be Ionela. Her driver won‘t desist from focussing her until she‘s gone into the ofice. Iana has ben waiting for this moment. It‘s the point of no return.  

Iana runs a women‘s shelter and helps girls like Ionela to escape from forced prostitution. Will her plan succeed this time?


Freitag, 20. April, 20:00 Uhr | Kleines Haus, Stadttheater

Original Title: Ionela
Director: Lacmanski Christoph

Producer: Hahn Saskia
Fiction, Germany, 2017
9:58 min | trailer


Christoph Lacmanski is born 1984 in Kreuzburg, Poland. He graduated in 2006 from SAE Stuttgart. Shortly afterwards, he started his career as an cutter in a film production based in Munich. Years after he began to direct music videos, commercials and short films. He preferes to write and direct films with current and important subjects, that are critical of society as well. His last project „Me Name is“ was premiered at the 50th Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2016, one of the most important film festivals in germany. He first met the producer Saskia Hahn at Hofer Filmtage and shortly after they began to write the screenplay for „Ionela“ together.