The Image of you


The image of you


The Image of You weaves together the themes of love and memory in the spirit of New Wave cinema. It’s a story of a couple, Lilja and Laura, who have recently broken up. To find some peace of mind, Lilja wants to discuss the past relationship with Laura. But the women's memories differ, and the conversation and flashbacks from their past intertwine into an enigmatic puzzle. Who gets to decide what is the truth? Was their love ever true even though it ended?


Montag, 23. April, 20:00 Uhr | Audi Programmkino

Original Title: Kuvas seuraa mun matkallain
Directors: Valja Pinja

Producer: Valja Pinja
Fiction, Finland, 2017
15:55 min | trailer


Pinja Valja (1984) is a media artist from Helsinki, Finland. After graduating as a Bachelor of Fine
Arts in 2008 from Tampere Polytechnic and as Master of Arts from Aalto University in 2016, Valja
has been working mostly with short films. Frequent themes in her work evolve around the
questions of the structures of reality. For example, she questions the common and institutionalized,
monogamous approach to love and relationships in her most recent film, A Poly Love Story (2017) .
Valja´s work often combine different genres of arts and film with a queer edge.