Time Machinery


Time Machinery


In the 1970’s, a mother and her 9 year-old son gifted with a fertile imagination, are briefly trapped in an old elevator. The boy is convinced that the machine allows them to travel through time. Now, 40 years later, the mother seems to believe it as well.


Short Film Competition #2
Tuesday, April 2nd, 8 pm, Audi Programmkino

Director: Tan Mei Fa
Producers: Tan Mei Fa, Laplante Benoit, Mann Jarrett
Fiction, Canada, 2018
6:24 min 


After completing film school in 2011, Mei Fa Tan started as a freelance director and producer in Switzerland. She co-directed a first independent short film, Back Up and imagines for the music video industry narrative and creative films, before starting to direct for advertising.

Following several years of experimentation, she returns to her first love, fiction, by signing a new film, Time Machinery.