The life of Mr Widdershins is like an immaculately crafted pocket watch: finely tuned from the moment he awakes to the moment he sleeps by his obedient robot servant Bertie.
This existence is interrupted when he encounters an adventurous stranger, Miss Caprice. Inspired by her reckless freedom, Widdershins' defies his mechanical helper and pursues her.
However, the mechanised world turns on him, transforming into a hostile environment. Navigating this treacherous landscape, Widdershins' glimpses a terrifying life without technology.
Finally, rescued by his servant Bertie, Widdershins discovers the price he pays for a life of luxury is his own freedom.


Thursday, April 4, 20:00, Audi Programmkino

Director: Biggs Simon P
Producer: Adams Will
Animation, United Kingdom, 2018
11:18 min | trailer

Simon P Biggs is a writer, director and animator. His recent animated project, Widdershins, won Best Animation at the BAFTA Scotland Awards. He is currently developing a feature project.