Home Stream

Lily has been homeless for a year and a half. We gave her a phone for three days to tell us her story.

Directors: Giulia Gandini, Lily Blackham
Producers: Giulia Gandini, Hannah Siden
Experimental, United Kingdom, 2019
10:56 min

Giulia Gandini is a London-based writer/director originally from Italy. Her latest short film My Time (about a girl who has her first period at school) was long-listed for the Oscar’s Live Action Category in 2020. She graduated with a MA in Directing from MET Film School and She especially loves coming-of-age stories starring young female leads and social filmmaking. This is her debut documentary short.

Lily Blackham is a British woman who after escaping her abusive partner has been living on the streets of London for the past year and a half. This is Lily’s first short film and directing credit. She hopes her story inspires other people to be strong and believe in a better future.




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  • Home Stream

    Lily has been homeless for a year and a half. We gave her a phone for three days to tell us her story....

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