Courtesy of William Forsythe for quotes from his film Solo (1995).

Solo is an animated film from Solo, a solo created and performed by American choreographer and dancer William Forsythe and filmed in 1995.

The film is made in frame-by-frame from the photograms of the original film by photocopies, contact plates, drawings, collages, gouaches, Tipp-Ex, tracing paper and other stickers. It is also based on an electronic piece improvised with a synthesizer by Cédric Schönwald.

Director: Elsa Perry
Experimental, France, 2021
3:30 min
nominiert für Best Art & Experimental Short Film 20MINMAX 2021

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, Elsa Perry is a graphic designer and director of animated films. She juggles with the most diverse techniques (drawing, painting, collage, photo, vector illustration, etc.) and animates them in stop motion, pixilation, traditional or digital animation.
She teaches animation at the École de Condé (Paris).

Cédric Schönwald is a contemporary art critic with a keen interest in experimental approaches. In music, a self-taught amateur, he ventured alone or with others into a sound world populated by machines, voices and percussion, most often in the form of improvised performances.

Elsa Perry, Director of Solo (2021)




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