Starring Camille Rutherford (nominated at the 2021 Césars for her role in the French film Felicità) ZIGGY tells the story of Zoe, a young woman feeling depressed since her break-up with Greg just one week before their wedding.
Thinking it might do her some good, Zoe’s friends Marc and Claire ask her to dog-sit for their pet bulldog Ziggy, while they go away for a few days.
From that point on, the mishaps just keep on coming for Zoe & Ziggy…

Director: Tom Pope
Live-Action, France, 2020
13:05 min
nominiert für Best Short Film 20MINMAX 2021

After a music career with the rock band The Elderberries, Tom Pope switched his attention to film, becoming a producer for Skinford 1 & 2, Event Zero and Pet Killer for Blackpills.
Ziggy is his directorial debut.

Tom Pope, Director of ZIGGY (2020)




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