Yoko is making two lunchboxes in early summer morning. One is for herself to take it to her office. The other is for her own child. She cooks various dishes for the lunchboxes neatly. After making the lunchboxes, she knocks the door of her child’s room, but gets no answer. "Your lunchbox is on the dining table." She says and leaves her house.
In her car at the parking of her apartment, Yoko remembers a scene a week ago. She was giving her students a supplementary lesson at the high school she works at. One of the three schoolgirls who always accompany each other didn’t appear in the lesson. She thought it weird but didn’t really care. Yoko stops remembering and starts the car.
In the Principal room of the high school, Yoko talks with the principal about the incident a week ago. A student killed herself at the school. The principal gives her a manual called "Emergency Response Guide".
Yoko and two school girls, Ryoko and Asuka are sitting in the classroom in the morning. On the table is an IC recorder to record the girls‘ utterances. "We were bullying her." Girls confess abruptly. "Why do you lie like that?" Yoko tries to keep her calm but gets upset inside. "Then, what is this interview for?" Yoko cannot answer. Before leaving the classroom, Ryoko asks Yoko " Can we practice for a while before leaving?" Yoko says "Sure. I’ll catch up."
Yoko eats her lunch alone in her car at the parking of the school.
In the afternoon, Yoko is sitting in the same classroom facing the mother of the girl who killed herself. Since she seems to be too pitiful, Yoko can’t start talking. At last, Yoko tells the story. "The investigation is still in the process, but there isn’t any evidence that your daughter was bullied so far." After long silence, the mother asks, "Do you have any children?" "I do," says Yoko. Mother, trying to keeping her calm, "How coould you be that indifferent?" Another long silence. "I’m not indifferent," says Yoko. The mother gazes at Yoko’s face. She finally says, "Could you treat my daughter incident as an accidental death?"
In the music room in the afternoon, Ryoko and Asuka are practicing four handed piano performance. Yoko comes into the room. Girls stop practicing and leave the room as if to ignore Yoko. Yoko stays alone in the room.
Yoko comes home. The lunchbox is left as same as Yoko put it on the dining table in the morning. Yoko opens the lunchbox and starts to eat.
Yoko knocks the door of the child’s room gently. No answer. Yoko slowly opens the door, looks into the room, and closes the door slowly to leave.
Yoko washes the dishes. She washes two lunchboxes neatly. Again and again, she keeps washing the two lunchboxes.

Director: Yuichi Suita
Japan, 2021
15:00 min
nominiert für Best Short Film 20MINMAX 2022

Born in kagawa Japan 1985. After High school, he learned 16mm Film Making at the film school in Tokyo. And he also started to work with director Youji Yamada as assistant camera. He learned how to make a film at the studio. And He started to make short film from 2008. His 7th short film “How Beautiful Japanese Morning Is” is shown at some International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Tampere, Uppsala. And His 9th short film “the day she commits suicide” is shown at 43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam and 61st Sydney Film Festival. And he participated in Berlinale Talents 2015.

Yuichi Suita, Director of But it did happen (2021)




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