Summer holidays in southern Limburg; a period that seems to last forever. Robin (15) is bored like any other teenager and her parents don’t seem to exist. She and her best friend Merel share everything and are inseparable. They spend almost every day together; cycling around the neighbourhood, hanging out at the shopping mall, swimming, smoking, endless chatting and flirting with boys. Best friends discuss everything. Except for what Robin does in bed at night; she is ashamed of that. The fact that Merel gets a rather rude boyfriend makes the whole thing even more uncomfortable.

Director: Nicole Jachmann
Netherlands, 2021
16:09 min | trailer
nominiert für Best Short Film 20MINMAX 2022

Nicole Jachmann (1987) was born in Southern Limburg, as the fourth child after three boys. Only at the age of 11, it became clear to her that there was a difference between her and her brothers. Although at first she thought that being a woman meant that she had to give up privileges and was not allowed to cycle through the dark alone, after puberty she could appreciate it more and more and see the benefits of it. Together with her brothers she experienced all kinds of adventures, often partly in an imaginary world. Actually, making films is an excuse to get back in touch with her inner child. It is a way to create new worlds and give free rein to her imagination. With her films Nicole wants others to be part of those worlds.
For her study Liberal Arts and Sciences, Nicole studied a semester at the Claremont colleges in California. Here she followed a number of subjects in film. When she received a scholarship for an advanced course, Nicole moved to Berlin to follow a course in screenwriting there. It was here that her love for film was definitively sealed. With the film De Hemelpoort (Heaven’s Gate, 2015), a script she had written came to life for the first time. Since then, Nicole has worked as a fixer, PA, scriptwriter and director’s assistant on various programmes and short films. Schaduwjager (Shadow Hunter, 2018) was her debut film as a director. Through workshops and masterclasses she quickly learned more, in 2018 she also joined Cinesud’s Talents to Cannes training programme. Although there are many different themes that interest her, gender is often reflected in her work. With the short film Funkele she wants to sketch a realistic portrait of female sexuality. At the moment Nicole is working on her new short film (working title Emma) and on the script for her first feature film ‘Het deel van de dag dat jij er niet bent’.

Nicole Jachmann, Director of Funkele (2021)




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