In intimate close-ups the camera captures an idyllic scene that seems to belong to a different era: ripe cherries, black-and-white photographs and a summerhouse full of memories of the seemingly carefree childhoods of several generations. Old aunties talk about the past and Uncle Tudor, too, answers the filmmaker’s questions. Little by little, she confronts him with her trauma, for which he is responsible.

Director: Olga Lucovnicova
Belgium/Hungary/Portugal, 2020
20:00 min | trailer
nominiert für Best Short Film 20MINMAX 2022

Olga Lucovnicova (Moldova, 1991) is a Belgium-based documentary filmmaker and aspiring researcher in audiovisual arts. She studied six years of cinematography at the Academy of Arts of Moldova and two years of documentary filmmaking at DocNomads, an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program across three countries: Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. Currently, Olga is pursuing her studies in film at the doctoral school of KU Leuven University. She was awarded a fundamental research fellowship from The Research Foundation – Flanders for her doctoral project on post-memory and transgenerational trauma in post-Soviet society and its research through film.

As a filmmaker, Olga is particularly interested in people and personal stories, which can generate social changes and create a platform for discussion. Her filming style combines observational cinema with poetic elements, where the critical factor is human emotions and feelings. Through her films, Olga seeks to push the viewer to critical thinking and reflection about our world. Her aim is to bring people closer to people through sincerity, empathy and compassion.

Her last film, MY UNCLE TUDOR was screened in over 50 film festivals and won many important awards like the Golden Bear at Berlinale 71st Edition, European Film Academy Award 34th Edition and many others.

Olga Lucovnicova, Director of My Uncle Tudor (2020)



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