A couple of irrelevant old ladies meet on a routine day while waiting in line at the health clinic and make a life-changing discovery. 
By tampering with the pre-ordained death queue determined up above, they can delay their own doom. 
instantaneously they form a murderous pact and set out to not only ensure their own survival, 
but also to settle some old accounts with those that have overlooked or mistreated them.
The bureaucratic catastrophe that they inflict on Death quickly turns into a personal vendetta between them.

Director: Idan Gilboa
Israel, 2023
12:49 min | trailer

Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication in Bezalel.
Studied stop motion animation and illustration as part of a student exchange at SVA New York.
An animator at heart, art director/creative manager at major advertising agencies for a living.
created several music videos that won awards and recognition.

Idan Gilboa, Director of Deadline (2023)




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