Enter a world where fantasy and dream combine with the movement of the body, where time stops until rebirth.

Director: Alan Lake
Canada, 2022
16:00 min

Alan Lake is a performer, choreographer, director and visual artist. He studied visual arts for five years (DEC and BAC in visual arts). He undertakes and obtains his technical DEC in Dance- performance in 2007 at the Quebec Dance School.
Since 2007, Alan Lake has joined the companies: Harold Rhéaume’s son, Adrien dances in NU, Jumeaux – a co-creation with the French choreographer Yvann Alexandre – and in the creation: Fluid, all as a performer. He participates in the first Grand Continental of Sylvain Émard Danse. He is an interpreter for Dana Gingras – Animal of Distinction in a video clip of Arcade Fire. It will be Adrian Rheaume’s son next work of the Rheaume White Partitions.

Alan Lake est interprète, chorégraphe, réalisateur et artiste en arts visuels. Il étudie les arts visuels pendant cinq ans (DEC et BAC en arts visuels). Il entreprend et obtient son DEC technique en Danse-interprétation en 2007 à l’École de danse de Québec. L’objectif de sont travail est de faire cohabiter ces disciplines en un lieu commun au service du mouvement.
Depuis 2007, Alan Lake joint en tant qu’interprète les compagnies : Le fils d’Adrien danse d’Harold Rhéaume dans NU, Jumeaux – une co-création avec le chorégraphe français Yvann Alexandre – et dans la création : Fluide. Il participe au premier Grand continental de la compagnie Sylvain Émard Danse. Il est interprète pour Dana Gingras – Animal of distinction dans un vidéoclip d’Arcade Fire. Il sera de la prochaine oeuvre du Fils d’Adrien danse d’harold Rhéaume Partitions Blanches.

Alan Lake, Director of Parades (2022)




    Composed of archival footage, this film is a riddle of shapes and gestures, making visible these simple demands of love, which are usually hidden behind closed doors of fear and vulnerability....


    When the Cranes appear on the shore and introduce the Man to the world of beauty and dance, he needs to decide what priorities in his life are. The further the Man distances himself from the family, the more the Woman decides to fight through her trauma in order to attempt one last try at their relationship while the Child is lost in his nightmares and abandonment, while the Cranes keep on dancing....


    Perhaps this is the angel of Win Wonders who accidentally fall on the earth. Or this is Peng of Zhuangzi who turns from a fish into a big bird. In fact, nowadays, it is not a dream for human to fly in the sky and sail on the sea. But why? We still feel that our hands are tied, and our feet are not allowed to be free. Is it the desire has tied us up? Or we ignore our desire? I am drawing and thinking, and my thought has travelled far away. This piece is created on digital tool with traditional cel animation concept. The creation process was simple and free style....


    A documentary impression about the destructive human impact on nature, created with black and white images. There is only one sentence in the entire film: "Watch out"....


    A hidden neighbor observes the new, wealthier neighbors and has ambivalent thoughts about the architectural structures and ways of living....


    Enter a world where fantasy and dream combine with the movement of the body, where time stops until rebirth....


    “Image Dance” is an experimental film made by Colorado artist and filmmaker John Dawson in 2023. This short film is 100% hand made by drawing, painting and scratching directly onto 16mm and Super 8 film stock....


    The sorrowful son was standing beside the rope weeping, while his creator was hanging....


    At night, R32 is like a kaleidoscope. The colourful lights are as manifold as the occupants are diverse, living close together and yet worlds apart....