For ten years, filmmaker Sean Wainsteim struggled with an intensely personal semi-autobiographical magic-realism film exploring the challenges, responsibilities and repercussions of passing Holocaust stories down through generations. That film was called Demon Box.

When that film was rejected from festivals, Sean made a new film on top of the old one.
This film is called Demon Box.

Director: Sean Wainsteim
Canada, 2023
14:00 min

Filmmaker Sean Wainsteim is the survivor of one (1) plane crash and one (1) art school. For over twenty years, he’s made commercials, television, music videos, documentaries, animation, robots and photography for Nickelodeon, Sony, Budweiser, Nike, The Rolling Stones, The History Channel, IFC and MTV2.

Sean is the proud recipient of grants from BravoFACT!, MuchFACT!, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Arts Council, countless design awards and was MUCHMusic Video Awards’ Director of the Year.

In his personal projects, Sean often uses magic-realism to explore intersections between generational trauma and storytelling. Sean is currently in post production on ALTERATIONS, his first narrative feature film. Filmed in his grandfather’s home, ALTERATIONS uses fairytale imagery and themes to explore his grandfather’s journey from a war refugee to a sweatshop tailor.




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