Audi Repertory Cinema
Ettinger Straße, 85057 Ingolstadt

The Audi Repertory Cinema (75 seats) uses of finest projection equipment and is above all a movie theatre, that – if not used as venue for 20minmax – offers a sophisticated program.

Schloßlände 1, 85049 Ingolstadt

The Werkstattbühne was established in 1967. and is the domain of the new established youth division JUNGES THEATER. During the festival the “Youth Jury Award” and “Shorties – Films for Kids” will take place there.

neun – Kulturzentrum Ingolstadt
Elisabethstraße 9a, 85051 ingolstadt

An arts centre that makes culture come alive again and makes it accessible to every generation.
The big hall by Ingolstadt central station bears the simple name of “neun” (the German word for nine) – after the original numerical categorisation of warehouses in the area.
Photo: Henning Köpke

Kleines Haus
Parkstraße, 85049 Ingolstadt

Since the season 2006/2007 the venue »Theater am Turm Baur« has been carriying the name »Kleines Haus«. Theatre plays with small cast, premieres and experiments find their place in »Kleines Haus«.

Museum of Concrete Art
Tränktorstraße 6-8, 85049 Ingolstadt

The Museum of Concrete Art in Ingolstadt presents through its permanent collection and changing exhibitions the whole diversity of Concrete Art. The collection further focuses on design of the 20th and 21st century. Photo: Martin Duckek

Jahnstraße 1a, 85049 ingolstadt

The art and culture atelier KAP94 is a joint project of different artists in several fields of culture and art. You can find here five ateliers, one room for events, exhibition areas, workspace, a bar and a dreamlike city garden on the roof of the old fortress, which hopefully soon will be accessible for public.