Due to his mother's criticism of the state, Alex gets caught up in the mills of the GDR home system and threatens to break down due to the re-education measures that prevail especially at the infamous Juvenile Detention Centre Torgau.


Pia is a short film that portraits a personal perspective before and during the process of breast reduction. A documentary accompaniment and breakdown of what a large breast can mean and how it is read from the outside.


"When I was little, my mother said to me that my body is my home. - I'm homesick." A woman's voice talks about the state of her body after a male sexual assault.


A ski resort in the scenic Austrian Alps. A weather camera installed to display majestic mountain panoramas, casually captures a panorama of human abominations. While the panning frame lines wander back and forth, inside the frame interpersonal lines are being crossed. A bizarre film about