The personal story of Antonia Jardenia da Silva from Brazil: a climate refugee forced to move from her home village to the big city in order to take care of her newborn baby as it struggles with microcephaly.


In a dystopian Rome, a law is enforced which doesn’t allow immigrant families to have more than three children. If a fourth is to be expected, he or she must be born, however, one of them must then be killed, giving the females priority for


„Welcome to the Happy-Resort. Where happiness is just one footstep away.” You're unhappy, lazy or unproductive? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Visit our institution and let our scientifically proofed algorithms and individual treatments get the best out of you! Because only the best is good


Larissa, a trans woman and Cláudio, a cis man, meet one night, in the streets of Lisbon. Two people, two realities, who dance their differences away till morning light. In challenge, in surprise, in awe and in recognition. An empowering story, free from violence and


Sara's grandfather has left a void in her family. Who is Kamran Taan? The filmmaker sets off in search of clues and travels to La Spezia - the coastal city where he is said to have lived. What does kinship mean when you've never met?