Tato Taty

A day in the life of an estranged father during a pandemic lockdown. His teenage daughter nags him to make a telephone call to his dad. Reluctant at first, he dons a vintage leather jacket, police shades and dials a peculiar number on an


The restrictions the pandemic placed gave way to a renewed reflection on life and our place within. Witnessing the ever-changing environment we were locked in and inspired by writings of Eugene O'Neil, this piece is a more personal take on one's response to the unprecedented


3 minutes before the online meeting: The welcoming joke is well thought out, the bottle is neatly tucked into the underwear, and the internet connection is premium - what could possibly go wrong?

Lockdown with a Baby

A 2 minute Montage that summarises a day in a life of two young parents with their baby during the Coronavirus Lockdown. Just like the lockdown, as the day progresses it gets more frustrating for the young couple that find them selfs repeating their actions


A pandemic challenges a young woman on the path to legal immigration while sheltering in her new American home. Created for the Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Shootout under the theme, Going Viral, with technical element: toilet paper.

Helping Hands

After a long and exhausting day of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, a nurse returns home to a rather unsettling evening.

Hamster Cheek

Lonely and abandoned, the hamster lives encircled in mountains of food. His greed is undeniable. When the begging raccoon's UFO lands on his planet, it's time to defend his hoarded supplies. Just don't give in and give away something.

Beat 97

Alvaro has been quarantined for 97 days without leaving home, and uses delivery apps to order everything he needs. When the delivery man arrives at the building with another meal, an unexpected situation imposes a difficult decision on Alvaro. From the flow of consciousness of


While the Corona lockdown is still in progress, flat sharing communities and couples benefit from living together. Mizzi, however, lives alone. The only way to communicate with others is her smartphone. Her best friend Luki tries to change that by asking her to go for