Lockdown with a Baby

A 2 minute Montage that summarises a day in a life of two young parents with their baby during the Coronavirus Lockdown. Just like the lockdown, as the day progresses it gets more frustrating for the young couple that find them selfs repeating their actions

Kinky Kitchen

Choosen kitchen utensils and groceries are leading a life of their own. In an intimate moment filled with lust they interact in an untypical way. The viewer experiences the pleasure of their sensuality through sounds that at first set them on the w


It's midsummer in a Finnish small town of Imatra near the Russian border. Matti, a lonely 54-year old man, meets Masha, a Russian transwoman. When the glittering night falls, Matti has to face the consequences of his fake life.


A young actress' audition quickly spirals out of control, turning into an intimate and manipulative interrogation. As she fights to stand her ground, one pressing question will remain: how far will she go to get the role? 023_GRETA_S is a disquieting drama about the abuse