Wann: 20. bis 21. November 2020
Ort: Online
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  • Border Crossing

    Humming, sluggish summer of 1989, the final year of communism in Eastern Europe. A family of three reaches the Czechoslovakian-Polish border and joins a long queue. Bees are buzzing around them as they are enclosed in a small space together. The atmosphere thickens. The border guard with a dog is pacing along the queue. With the little girl on the back seat we wade into the incomprehensible world of the adults. Is she capable of breaking into the border guard's icy heart?...

  • Fauve

    Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer...

  • °28

    In Lisbon, a German married couple is about to get aboard the legendary n°28 tramway, but how should you ract when the brakes let go and embark you on a vertiginous race... with a baby on board....

  • Home Stream

    Lily has been homeless for a year and a half. We gave her a phone for three days to tell us her story....

  • The Cut

    Emma had a c-section. She didn’t see her son when he was born. When she finally meets him, she doesn't recognize her baby. How could she? Little by little, mother and child fall in love. The Cut delicately explores the complexity of the bond between mother and child....

  • From Matti With Love

    It's midsummer in a Finnish small town of Imatra near the Russian border. Matti, a lonely 54-year old man, meets Masha, a Russian transwoman. When the glittering night falls, Matti has to face the consequences of his fake life....

  • Awareness

    Neurocinematic dive into surreal prophecy, where awareness of mankind reaches to the heavens....

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