Angie in Heat

Sunday, March 31, 20:00, KAP94 Director: Lukas Rinker Producers: Lukas Rinker Fiction, Germany, 2018

After the rain

In a valley, a dog lives happily with his master, an uncommon shepherd. This shepherd doesn’t only shear his sheep’s wool, he creates clouds out of it, to make rain, thus preserving the cycle of life. But if the shepherd wasn’t everlasting, what would happen to

Afrika is a Country

An allegorical piece that uses symbolism to tell a narrative about the willful blindness of the “first world” and how inadvertently we feed off the riches of developing countries to maintain the lifestyle we take for granted. Sunday, March 31, 17:00, Museum for Concrete Art Tuesday, April

52 Times

DIRECTOR & PRODUCER LEMANT HUGO Esther is a young active woman. Exhausted by her work, she prefers going home a Friday night to drinking glasses with friends. She watches her favorite movie that she has already seen fifty times.