Floating City

The invasion of cruise ships who pollutes the city of Stavanger, Norway.

Directors: Frida Feline, Rebekka Torgersen
Producers: Frida Feline, Rebekka Torgersen
Experimental, Norway, 2019
02:08 min

Frida Feline has a bachelor in electronic music production from Academy of Contemporary Music (England) and studied music production and recording technique at University of Stavanger. She is now working on an EP and different film projects to accompany it.

Floating City - Director - R Torgersen Portrait

Rebekka Torgersen has a bachelor in creative writing with focus on screenwriting from University of Roehampton. Later, she took a cinematography course in Berlin and has since then moved over to practical filmmaking.

Floating City - Director - Frida Feline Portrait



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