April arrives home and asks for food for dinner. The delivery man who arrives is not the one he expected and neither is the situation she is about to live.

Director: Alberto Utrera
Live-Action, Spain, 2020
12:32 min | trailer
nominiert für BEST SHORT FILM 20MINMAX 2021

Alberto Utrera, director and screenwriter. He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, where he also studied a master’s degree in directing and writing. He studied Direction of actors in the Film Center with Natalia Mateo and Audiovisual Application to Digital Marketing in ECAM.

After more than 10 years in television making programs such as „La Puerta del Tiempo“ (special end of year TVE with Los Morancos) or „Tell me what happened to you“ (both for TVE), in 2012 founded its own production company: MoA Studio From the producer directs national and international advertising campaigns for customers such as Google, Mercedes Benz, Ebay, Solán de Cabras, Loewe, Tous, etc.

In 2017 he co-wrote with Carlos Soria and directed his first feature film „Smoking Club 129 Normas“, a low budget film shot in 7 days, selected at the Malaga Festival and winner of the Audience Award at Alcine, Best Film at Novelísimo and Best Actress at Calella Film Fest. From that moment begins to turn to fiction, directing the series Neverfilms (seasons 1 and 2) for RTVE-Playz, Under the Network (seasons 1 and 2) for RTVE-Playz (winner of the Golden Globe for Best Digital Series Europe at the Hamburg Festival) and the documentaries Toy Wars (TNT) and El Sentido del Cacao for the BBVA Foundation, of which he is also a screenwriter.

Alberto Utrera, Director of Your rider (2020)




    April arrives home and asks for food for dinner. The delivery man who arrives is not the one he expected and neither is the situation she is about to live....


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