A young woman is attempting to record a video for her crowdfunding campaign to raise the missing capital for her first bakery. Fighting against trying not to sound too desperate in her pitch, a cheating boyfriend constantly calling, and the bank wanting to know more info… It’s her mum’s annoying but soothing words that brings a pivotal memory to the fore; the reason she wants to do this.

Director: Florian Kasperski
United Kingdom, 2023
12:33 min | trailer

Born in Zurich in 1994. Florian Kasperski completed his studies in English and Film Studies in Zurich in 2018. 2019 MA in English Literature at Queen Mary University of London. 2022 MA in Filmmaking from the London Film School. He now lives and works between Zurich and London.

Florian Kasperski, Director of Crowdfunding (2023)




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