In a modern museum ELLA (35) and her daughter SAM (6) are waiting for her colleague and his daughter DORA (6). Ella's colleague asked her if she could look after the girl for an afternoon.
When Dora introduces herself to Ella, Ella is overcome by the stubborn and sincere redhaired child. In the colorful museum Ella struggles with the urge to seek attention from Dora. She gets overwhelmed by all kinds of confusing emotions and she doesn’t know what to do with it. While playing, Dora falls on the floor and her knee gets cut open. In the deserted ladies’ room, Ella takes care of Dora wound with devotion. In this intimate bubble Ella gets carried away in the moment. In love, she kisses Dora on her lips.
"Mommy, what are you doing?" Sam asks her daughter in amazement. Ella returns with a jerk to reality. Panicky and emotionally she retreats to the toilet. She has gone too far. What does she have to do with herself from now on?

Wednesday, April 3, 20:00, Audi Programmkino

Director: Joren Molter
Producers: Family Affair Films
Fiction, Netherlands, 2018
9:00 min



Joren Molter (1993) grew up in Netherlands most northern province Groningen. At the age of sixteen his short film Full of life (2011) was selected for the debut competition at the Netherlands Film Festival (2012). Even before he started his study at the Netherlands Film Academy, he co-directed feature film Foreigners, shot in New York, Berlin and Groningen, supported by Netherlands Film Fund. At the age of eighteen Joren was admitted at the Netherlands Film Academy. During his study Joren independently (outside the regular courses of the Film Academy) directed four short films. Joren’s work distinguishes itself in its stylistic vision.
Urges and weakness of mankind are returning themes in his work. His graduation film Greetings from Kropsdam (2016) is set in Groningen where Joren started his passion for directing films. This film shows how a seemingly peaceful community is united on excluding a lonely man. Joren’s graduation film was selected for many international film festivals, like Clermont-Ferrand, Premier Plans, Warsaw, Busan and Palm Springs. Joren also directs commercials. His first commercial is nominated for the SAN accent award, the communication prize for and by advertisers. Joren’s short film KIND, written by Britt Snell and produced by Family Affair Films it's his first film after graduation.