Healthier! More efficient! More balanced!
In today’s society, self-improvement has crept to center stage. The constant drive to optimize the self haunts us daily, making our self a constant "work in progress." This social pressure to perform has given rise to a huge industry dedicated to our permanent self-improvement with its products, services and mindfulness mantras, generating millions of dollars in revenue. These systems locate the problems of our day in our minds rather than in the big picture.
Where does our drive for the "best self" come from?
And why do we trust a profit-driven self-care industry when it claims it can provide us with this "best self"?

Director: Lotta Mayerle
Germany, 2022
5:10 min


2018 – 2022
Bachelor of Arts
THWS, Technische Hochschule
Faculty Design

Lotta Mayerle, Director of The Happy Resort (2022)




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