In a jungle, two apes happen to walk passed a giant clock with digits made of coconut palms when a coconut falls down. They eat it. To prolong the pleasure of taste they want more nuts. However, they fail to get more because the trunks of the palm trees are too smooth for climbing. The ape with the light coat discovers the lowest hand of the clock, the hour hand, jumps onto it and goes on eating more nuts. Both apes sit now on the hour hand which moves from nut to nut. Then the dark coloured ape sees an even larger nut further up . To get up to this, it jumps onto the fast turning minute hand. Its pal still sits on the hour hand. The ape higher up gathers lots of nuts and discovers a really huge coconut right at the very top. It wants this nut by all means. It jumps on the even higher and even faster turning second hand. Once reached the top it climbs right to the edge of the hand to pick the nut. But the ape cannot reach it. After short consideration it decides to make a rope out of the coconut fibre. It ties one end of the rope around itself and throws the other end over the sought-after nut. It tries to pull the nut down, however the nut does not come off. The ape gets stuck between the nut and the second hand and is threatened to get strangled. The whole clock gets into a spin. The ape with the light coloured coat saves its friend by cutting the tense rope, however the clock gets demolished. Both apes sit under the palm trees and do not have a chance to get any nuts.

Director: Oliver Schmid
Germany, 2022
5:20 min


Name, Adress Oliver Schmid
Wielandsteinweg 9 / 73252 Lenningen
Birth date 25.01. 1966 / Esslingen
Nationality German
Place of Birth Esslingen, Germany
Family Status Married 3 Children

1990 -1994 Studies: Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart
Film- und Medientechnik

1994 – today Mediaproducer

Oliver Schmid, Director of The temptation of the coconut clock (2022)




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