Morteza is a single father who has decided to paint her 3 years old daughter’s room in blue during one of their weekly visits. At first it seems like a fun activity between daughter and father, but eventually it turns into a fight and Morteza hits his daughter. Later on, Morteza asks his older sister, Pari, to help him calm his daughter and handle the situation. Pari cares for the child’s wounds and then in order to prevent her from telling the truth to her mother, Pari starts a game and through this game, tries to manipulate the child’s mind so she remembers the whole incident as a simple game with his father. Pari seems to become successful in fulfilling her plan, but at the final scene it becomes clear that the truth won’t be hidden forever.

Director: Shadi Karamroudi
Iran, 2023
15:00 min

Shadi Karamroudi (born 1990) is an Iranian actress, director and screenwriter. She learned the basics of filmmaking and acting at Karnameh Film School in Tehran- Iran and graduated with a master’s degree in Dramatic Literature from Soore University Tehran- Iran in 2020.
She has played in 9 feature films, 6 short films and 3 theaters. She is mostly known by her act as the supportive role in the feature film Without Her which was released in 2022 at Venice International film festival and her performance has been admired by many recognizable media, acquiring her a nomination for the best actress in supporting role at Fajr Film Festival 2022. She also starred in the 2015 film A Very Ordinary Citizen and has participated at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 as the leading actress of the short film LIKE A GOOD KID.
Besides her career as an actress, she has participated in making 4 other short films as director, producer or screenwriter. Her second short film, ALL THE TIME (2020) was premiered in the Busan International Film Festival in 2020 and she has won the best script prize from Tehran International Short Film Festival in 2021. Also her last film IT TURNS BLUE (2023) will be soon premiered in SXSW Film Festival 2023.

Shadi Karamroudi, Director of It Turns Blue (2023)




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